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LOFT d'O is located in the Albertushof in a former Carmelite convent.

The Carmelite Order has been present in the Ypres region since 1672 and built this monastery from 1704 - 1714. 
The present building, designed by J. Coomans in 1922, is mainly characterised by the 
typical Neo-Byzantine and Neo-Romanesque characteristics.

The Carmelite order lived by the precepts of Patriarch Albert of Jerusalem 
that focus on religious community life.

Since 2002, the last fathers have left the monastery and the Carmelite monastery was closed.
In November 2003, the monastery building was bought by a private estate agent in Antwerp
and several flats and luxury lofts were built. There is also an underground car park with a driveway
and modern car lift couldn't be missed.

Binnentuin van Karmelietenklooster te Ieper. Veel groen en symmetrische lage hagen. Klassieke kloostergevel met boogramen in verschillende hoogtes. Het is een zonnige dag. / Jardin intérieur du monastère des Carmélites à Ypres. Beaucoup de verdure et des haies basses symétriques. Façade classique du cloître avec des fenêtres cintrées de différentes hauteurs. C'est une journée ensoleillée. / Inner garden of the Carmelite monastery in Ypres. Lots of greenery and low symmetrical hedges. Classic cloister facade with arched windows of different heights. It is a sunny day.


With its 35,000 inhabitants, Ypres is the sixth largest city in the province of West Flanders. 


During WWI, the city was surrounded on three sides by German troops. Because of this, Ypres played
a major role during "The Great War". Throughout the city you can feel this rich history. 

The Last Post has been held at the Menin Gate every day since 1928 at 20:00 sharp. This Roman triumphal arch
is ​the memorial of the missing soldiers. This ceremony honours the sacrifice of all the men and women who

​played a role during WWI.  The clariners, volunteers of the Ypres fire brigade, play the Last Post. Out of respect
for the deceased there will be no applause. Let yourself be carried away by the silence and serenity of this ceremony.

1.De Menenpoort.jpg


You can find more information and other fun activities on Tourism Ypres.

Clapperboard player playing the Last Post on the silver clarion under the Menin Gate at Ypres. Fully equipped uniform with headgear and white gloves. / Joueur de claquettes jouant la Sonnerie aux morts sur le clairon d'argent sous la Porte de Menin à Ypres. Uniforme complet avec couvre-chef et gants blancs.
People visiting the trenches at Ypres. Boy and family walking in the trenches.
Poppy petals fall from the Menepoort roof. Circular roof, red petals.
Poppies in the field with trees in the background
Ypres seen from above
Military cemetery at Ypres. White memorial stones, symmetrical construction. Churchyard. Memorial
Poppies in Flemish Fields with trees in the background on a sunny day.
Interior Yper Museum. Museum collection. maquette large market Ypres
Inside Merghelynck Museum. Classic bourgeois house. Large chandelier, classical interior. Mannequins with typical costumes.
Typical facade Hooge Crater museum.
Trenches in the forest. Trench made of corrugated iron between the trees. Little greenery, mainly rammed earth.
Terrace during cycle ride. A family sits on a terrace on the market square in Ypres. Bicycles are parked next to them.
Sporty cyclists in Ypres. Man with Trek Segafredo on his shirt is the winner. Man raises arms. Man with red jersey and black helmet on bike left. Man with bicycle steeple in the middle. Man with dark blue bicycle steeple to the right of winning man. On the far right a man with a blue bicycle steed. Riding through the Menin Gate in Ypres. In the background the large market square of Ypres with the church.
Mountain bikes in the forest. 3 bicycles on which men in cycling gear are riding. They wear helmets and gloves. Green surroundings.
Relaxation in the Westhoek. White man and asian woman on a bridge near the water. In the green surroundings of the Westhoek. Their bicycles are in the foreground.
Useless plate. Tube with silicone. Philip the Short stayed in this house from 1372 to 1402. He was known to never finish his sentences.
City icon and arrow on the ground. Made of iron. Lies between the paving stones.
Walkers along the rampart route. Green surroundings of Ypres.
Entry point for the Ypres walking network. People looking at information board.
Walkers Trio Westhoek. Green surroundings of Ypres. Walkers with sticks. Nordic walking. Thick tree trunks in the grass. Clear walking path.
Hiking, goats, Ypres area. Family stands on vondel path and interacts with wild goats. White family consisting of husband and wife, son and daughter.
Children search during walking tour. Green surroundings of Ypres. Family walking in the field. Mother is holding son's hand. Father carries blue backpack.
Military cemetery along the western front way - via sacra. White memorial stones. Green grass and poppies. Lake in the background with trees. Sunny day.
Old Canal Ypres and its green surroundings. Clear path running symmetrically with the river. In the background some houses.
Poppies in Flemish fields with trees in the background on a sunny day.

There are many shops for groceries within walking distance of LOFT d'O.

For nice culinary addresses in the region,
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You can find more information and other fun activities on the website Tourism Ypres

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